Silk Presets


Silk presets

Silk are my personal presets, my editing base for the images I create. They are subtle but strong, painterly but versatile; for storytelling imagery and visual poems.

They are, however, not for everyone; if you like your images highly saturated and with hefty contrasts, these are not for you.

But if you are looking for a timeless editing base with deep, silky tones, – created for the beauty of the whispering world – these might be the tools you seek.




When I switched from DSLR to mirrorless I struggled so hard (and so long) to get the tones right. And from this struggle, Silk was born. It was born from my need for a go-to preset that I could use for all my work, a consistent editing base that was subtle enough to work on all kinds of images (weddings, families, flatlays, botanical), and all kinds of lighting conditions; but strong enough to convey the stories I wanted to tell.

The preset pack consists of three preset variations (Silk, Siren and Whisper), and two grain presets (Heavy and Mild) plus one how-to video. Silk – my go-to – is subtle, delicate but beautiful. I use it for pretty much everything. Siren is more of a statement, with stronger contrasts, deeper shadows, and a cinematic feel. Whisper is, like the name implies, a quiet one, lighter, airy and dreamlike.

My presets are made for raw files – and although they will work on .jpg’s as well, raw will always yield the best results. The presets work in Adobe Lightroom and Lightroom mobile with a Creative Cloud plan.

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I use these presets daily, and they do not only make my workflow way more efficient, they also ensure that all my images share a certain look, and nerve. That being said, no presets are one click wonders – each set of images is unique, and some minor adjustments will be necessary. (Usually tweaks in temperature and exposure will suffice, as shown in the editing video included in the preset pack).

Please join my Facebook group “Velvet + Silk Presets”, where we can share images, tweaks, tips, tricks and inspire each other. There is also an Instagram-tag, #silkpresets – for those who want to share their work.

I can’t wait to see what you’ll create.