Here’s what I believe in; people and the stories they are made of.

As a photographer I tell peoples stories through my camera. And I aim to capture them in all their honesty, as they shine in their quirkiness, vulnerability, in their shadows, in their light.

Here’s a bit of my story

I grew up in the Southern part of Norway, moved out when I was 16 to go to music kind of high school. I sang (metal and opera), played the piano, and and felt the storm of the world as only a 16-year-old can. I later moved on from the music and youth to study psychology (in search of stories). Somewhere along this road I decided to give myself a break and do somehting about the restless creativity that I could not seem to lose even if I tried. And so I started taking pictures. Firstly as self portraits telling my own stories, – but soon other requested I’d shoot them as well, and so it started. I realized I could actually make a job out of what I loved to do: take pictures.

Today I live together with my fiancee, our two daughters and our gentle giant of a dog. We live in a wonderful old ever-creaking wooden house in Stavanger (the south-west of Norway), yet travel whenever we can. I have many passions, some of them are pine forests, lakes, morning light and fog, the first fall of snow, running barefoot in moss. I love flee markeds, poems, wine and music, cooking and growing roses in our tiny garden.

My approach to life and to photography is a mindfull one; I strive to capture life as it is with it’s glorious imperfections and contrats. I do not like a «that’s how it’s suppose to be» way of taking pictures (or living). Everyone has a story worth telling.

Let’s create something beautiful together.